through April 2016
Price per adult: $89.00 USD
Children 6 to 11:$69.00 USD

General Observations

  • Departs Daily CSL: 8:00 am 10:30am 1:30pm 4:00pm
  • If you have neck or back problems or pregnant this tour is not recommended for you
  • Private charters available
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Included: Life jackets and bottled water

The next time you visit Cabo San Lucas, don’t miss the opportunity to take one of the most popular tours in the region. Whale watching tours have seen an increased interest for a reason: you have the chance to come close to these magnificent animals and see them in their natural habitat.

The Ocean Riders high-speed boat will take you and 14 more passengers across the Pacific Ocean to the whale’s natural habitat for you to observe these fantastic creatures up close. The special design of the boats allows us to move faster and safer than any other tour, improving the chances of seeing the whales and making the experience an even greater one. The route is not specified, but rather, our trained bilingual guides will follow nature to find the best route for the best show. Once the whales are found, we’ll follow their course as they travel through the Pacific Ocean.

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